Competition Team

Competition Team

Our Competition Team performs and competes across the South East throughout the year. The team runs on a Wednesday night in Sevenoaks and dancers perform a range of styles from Jazz to Contemporary, competing in solos, duos, trios and groups. The group is split into 3 teams (depending on student age & ability). 

The Competition Team competes 4 - 6 times a year in local and regional competitions and festivals. There is a high level of expectation with our competition dancers who must provide committment and dedication through weekly rehearsals and attendance at competitions taking place on the weekend. 

To be part of the team, dancers must also attend at least 1 additional class with Cascade to develop their technique. This can be a class at any of our locations. Thursday night training in Sevenoaks is our main training for competition team dancers, running from 5.15 - 7.30pm offering Ballet, Contemporary & Acro. View classes here. 

Upon entry of the team a code of conduct must be signed by both parent and student and a strict dedication to rehearsals and all competition dates is required.  If successful into the team, students are required to commit to a minimum of 1 full year (3 terms). Dancers must not be part of another dance team, as this is a conflict of interest. 



4.45 - 6.30pm ---  Team 1  

6.30 - 8.20pm ---  Team 2 & 3

8.20 - 9.00pm ---  Team 3 (Invite only) 

Private lessons wrap around these times and are programmed every week.

Students are assigned into teams based on their age and also their ability, please contact Ricia Taylor for more information as below. 



Cost: Paid termly, £11.50 per session

Additional fees for private lessons, competition entry and costumes are paid separately. 

Visit our news page for the most recent term dates

Venue: The Trinity School, Seal Hollow Rd, Sevenoaks TN13 3SL 


Auditions for Entry:  All students must audition to be accepted into the Competition Team. If successful, dancers must comitt for a full year. Please contact Ricia Taylor to book your audition date here

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