Dance Productions

Dance Productions


We provide a bi-annual production to bring all our Cascade dancers together, often to perform a classic fairy tale or story with a modern twist. Dancers aged 3 years to adult take part sharing their skills, inspiring and entertaining audiences across the South East.


Into the Jungle, 2019

In February 2019 we created a thrilling production celebrating a variety of dance work showcased within a Jungle theme. A two day event held at The Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks.

The Wizard of OZ, 2017
In February 2017 Cascade visited the wonderful land of Oz exploring the classic musical tale of Dorothy and her three friends. The weekend production involved over 300 young dancers all in celebration of Cascade's 10th Year anniversary. View our show videos via our You Tube OZ Playlist

Alice, 2016
Cascade turned their world upside down and followed Alice down the rabbit hole with their magical journey through wonderland! Held at The Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks, this production saw over 200 dancers performing a range of styles.

Snow White & The Ice Queen, 2014
We took audiences into the entrancing world of Snow White and her heroic quest to fight the mysterious Ice Queen. A breath-taking dance production held at the Oaks Theatre at The Knole Academy. This enchanted dance production was inspired by the fairy-tales from both The Brothers Grim and Hans Christian Andersen.

The Lost Girls, 2013
Cascade took flight to Never Land exploring the classic story of 'Peter Pan'. Audiences were taken on a journey with Pirates, Mermaids and The Lost Girls, experiencing our modern tale through dance and physical theatre. 

Cinderella, 2012
Back in 2012 Cascade presented their first annual production delving into the world where dreams come true, taking a modern twist on the classic fairy tale, Cinderella.


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